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how to do the google seo?

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i have do much thing about seo,but the rank is not up.
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What you did in on-site & off-site @zgboilder? From the start your website is not ranked up? Need bit more information baby...
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Kevin is right please shed some more light on the topic by providing us with more details about what you call SEO!

What do you do about backlinks, traffic and website performance?
What your website scores on Google Insights score scale?
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SEO is not particular for Google, its all over process for all search engine. You need to put focus on quality work using all SEO techniques with high PR and relevant website.
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Make sure that you honor search engine rules, so your website will be index effectively.
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I have a couple of pages so far on the site, but they have to be in a specific order, and for some reason I can't make that happen. I want one page to be under another, but whenever I select that option it makes it a sub-category, and I don't want that. If I choose anything else it's in the wrong order. How do I completely control where my pages go?

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