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how to get on first page of Google within 24 hours?

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Hello seo experts, webmasters and all yo doing internet marketing! Google first page, many claim to have a formula or know the way to get on Google first page in just 1 day or 24 hours. Is this really true could someone really help me to get my site rank on Google first page that quick?
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Sometimes content can be indexed in less than an hour but we are talking about popular sites with a lot of traffic, high PR and everything it happens because Google crawls those popular websites more often. Once content gets indexed and the content is from a popular and high PR site then it more likely to rank high on Google or show on the first page.
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To get your content indexed and hopefully make it rank on Google first page try:

Ping website/your new content
Share your content to social media sites
Use press release site
Share the link to it on blogs and forums.
Bing and Google: Submit URLs.
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You could buy High Pr backlinks on popular sites that google crawls often.

Google this topic

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