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how to get traffic with yahoo answers?

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Needs for reliable tips on this subject? I wanna know how to get traffic to my site with Yahoo answers and questions service?
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Hi, getting traffic from Yahoo answers and questions are simple. Do find questions related to your niche and post useful answers with your link. Dont scam and post unrelated answers.
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It's not that had to get a backlinks or traffic from Yahoo answers and questions.
Create 2 Yahoo accounts then use one to ask questions and the another one to answer them with the link to your site in the post. Now use the first account to mark the answer as best Smile
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Nice trick @SureNot. Make sure you use different IP address when using each account if not Yahoo will ban you.
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You can post few links once you enter in Level2. But you cant post affiliate links.
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Quora is the best option to getting links from websites and yahoo websites links is not working properly.
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Yahoo Answering is best way Increase the Backlinks of website.
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You can try getting backlinks or traffic from Yahoo answers and questions
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I always had to manually read and post to get traffic with Y/A. Just direct them to your service.
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Just go for the thread which has a direct relevant to your niche then leave your link, but hey don't do it in a daily basis.
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I believe Yahoo answers isn't worth your time, as there is seller status that one needs to earn to be counted as an authority. You are better off participating on Quora. Also, the platform developed by Yahoo makes me sick, it is so weak and feels like you do not want to comment.

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