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how to make website

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how to make website without html knoledge
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Well the only solution would be to use some sort of website automatic drag and drop builder! Many web-site hosting offer such tool for free!

Do you know that to increase SEO you need to do on-site optimization which involves playing with HTML code? If you wanna be a webmaster you must learn at least basic HTML and CSS! In time you will learn more complex stuff line JavaScript, jQuery, PHP and SQL!
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the easiest way is using Wordpress or Blogger
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if you want to create your website by coding part then you must learn html, css, javascript, jquery and php. these are the basic and most important languages while creating a website.
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you can use wordpress is easy and professional
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You can use some content management system to design your website.
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By far, the fastest way to set up a powerful, well-organized website is to use a Content Management System (CMS). Developers love to argue about exactly what constitutes a CMS, but in practical terms, it boils down to this:
With a CMS, you don’t have to write any code.
You can login to your website, create new pages, categorize them in different ways, edit them, add pictures, pretty much whatever you want to do. Each CMS has different features and limitations, as you’ll see below, but they all give you a foundation that allows you to start adding information to your website in minutes, not hours or days.
If you’re not a programmer or website designer, they are indispensable. In fact, most programmers and web designers now use them simply because they work so well, and they see no reason to reinvent the wheel.
Here you'll find infprmation how to choose best CMS for U:

7 CNS's consider designing website
Which CMSto choose?
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wordpress and blogger is very easy to build website, you don't need expert in php/html knowledge
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you can try wordpress its easy and best..
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Hi all! The best way to create a website without special knowledge - use CMS system, for example <REMOVED>. If you have this system, you can create a fully functional website in a few hours.
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WordPress core is without a doubt one of the most secure platforms you can choose to put a site on.
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website without html knoledge
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So how about we begin now!

1. Pick what stage you need your site to be based on. We suggest WordPress. ...

2. Get yourself a space name for your site so individuals can discover it. Make it infectious and important. ...

3. Set up your site, pick a subject, redo the plan and influence it to look great!. Minutes required for this stage.

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