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i am stuck please help me

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i am doing seo for these keywords kashmir tour package & gulmarg tour package from last 2 months but these rank is not increasing or going up from last 2 months so please help me
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Post your website as text (No Spam), We can able to find the issues only upon reviewing the website. Targeting local market (I mean with cities) are easiest thing than targeting the keyword "tour package". So with the website we will tell you where you missed?.
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Lets us check that for you BUT we need to know your website's URL. You should post it in this format: yoursite(dot)com

What kind of SEO are you doing is it off-page or on-page one? Also what do you do about backlinks? How old is your domain name and what content do you have on the page that you want to rank high?
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Could you please shad some ling on what you call SEO?

Google this topic

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