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internet scams - have you been scammed?

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Have you ever been caught in some kind of internet fraud? The most widely know is "Nigerian 411 scam". Are you willing to discuss that so that many others will not follow your steps? Have you ever receive one of those emails saying that you have won a lottery or have inherited millions of dollars?
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LOL I was taking once for €100 but since i asked the person to do not entirely cool thing I couldn't report it to the police. It was back then when I was only discovering internet.
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Thank God ! I never occupied by any internet fraud.
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Online world is jam- packed with loads of scams and it’s your attentive approach that can help yourself in avoiding such hassles. One of the common scam is lottery scam and you must avoid such things to remain safe. Have a look at this https://www.lottosignals.com/magazine/kn...03-05-2015 and identify scams from the originals easily.
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Be cautious everyone!

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