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keyword ranking issue

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i want to know about that ranking issue, when i checked keywords ranking in search engine, then it is not show in search engine, but according to webmaster tools keywords ranking is appear in 100, so why, please share some valuable points ?
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If you look closely in webmaster tools account it say avg.position (average position) and in your case 100 doesn't mean it always rank on that position. Try checking like this (avg.position +-10 pages). Also please check Impressions column that tell you how many times the URL showed for that search query.
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What Google site are you using .com? If you are using google.in for instance click on Filters tab and then select India in the Location drop down menu.

You should pay attention to impressions and average position. If it only shows one or two impressions then it means you website is not showing all the time.

P.S. click on the search query and write-down the URL that is ranking for that particular keyword maybe it's not your home page but some of your pages.
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@Marcus is right! Webmaster tools/Search engines works 24 hours in a day. If webmaster shows that it was ranked, Sure the website ranked in some position near to that specified position.
The answer is, the website ranked in between +-100th position when you're at sleep.

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