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laptop battery in or out?

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Guys I have just bought me a brand new laptop computer and I am wondering if I should leave battery in or take it out when PC is plugged in or is shutdown?
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Take it out when it's not needed! It's not good to have motherboard constantly energized.
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If you don't need it the why keep it in? Remember never charge the battery up to full capacity 100% this will reduce its lifespan limit to 80%.
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Dont keep it in. Also never Overcharge it. Lithium Batteries tend to explode at high temperature so always be careful with your battery.
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The appropriate response is: YES and NO, it relies upon the circumstance. Having a battery completely charged and the PC connected to isn't hurtful, in light of the fact that when the charge level achieves 100% the battery quits getting charging vitality and this vitality is avoided specifically to the power supply arrangement of the PC.
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What I do:

I play on battery sometimes then charge it up. And sometimes, I play without the battery and the laptop being plugged in.

Because overusing/overcharging your laptops might damage your battery and laptop. At the same time, not using your battery frequently enough will reduce its life capabilities as well.
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Battery is an external device which provides you electric supply after we charge it.
Life battery is based on usage of Laptop, if we use laptop continuously it's life spam become less
1. do not charge during we are using laptop
2. Never charged battery 100%\
3. Complete the battery life cycle instead of charging contionously
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You can take it out when laptop is plugged in but it will have a risk of laptop getting directly switched off in the surprise power failure. But it will surely increase life if a battery. And when laptop is off it doesn't matter if you leave the battery as it is or take it out.
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there are many softwares that allow you to disable charging while charger is connected

Google this topic

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