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merge multiple sites domains?

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What is the most seo friendly way to marge 2 web sites or domains together?
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If they are relevant to each-other then simply add a ink to other sites make the link dofollow so that Google will be able to follow it. The link has to be in the header above the fold visible to your users so that they can click on it if they decide to.
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If you are trying to redirect traffic from one website to another then use 301 .htaccess redirect method.
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I usually do as like @Maya,

Quote:Webmaster says,
1) Use 301 permanent redirects.
2) Start with the site that is the weakest and merge that into the strongest site (the final one).
3) Don’t just redirect everything to the root – redirect them on a page level.
4) Don’t just move everything at once – move it in stages as you see the transition.

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