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new SEO techniques?

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what are the New seo techniques in 2015?
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Well not long ago when Google relied on PageRank PR when main focus was on generating as much backlinks to website as possible as that was the key to get website ranking high on Google like on the first page which in turn would results in increase of organic traffic which will then convert to more sales and more money in your packet.

But since PR is dead Google these days value website according to it's Content, Social media signals and lastly for backlinks.

On-page optimization nowadays is the most important factor every webmaster should focus, making sure the site has original and quality content, and the website is not involved in any black hat SEO. The website should contains plenty of keywords relevant to it's niche to help Google determine what it's about.

Branding is another factor to take into consideration as you have to build brand authority to have a chance of some day rank on the first page of the search engine.

Domain name age is important as for Google it receptions trust and authority.
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1. Mobile and Tablet optimization is necessary - Pass on Google Mobile Friendly Test
2. As-usual THE CONTENT
3. Limited backlinks, do something different in setting up your backlinks database... Use your own way of organic link building - Do not over spam
4. Ranking the low competition keywords to the Top positions will automatically rank the high competitive terms

Some one please continue your tricks...
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Latest and new SEO techniques are- search engine submission, local listing, social bookmarking, PDF submission, article posting, link building with high pr sites, info graphic, create robots.txt, header tag, Meta tags, Image ALT tags, XML sitemap, and many more.
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I personally found out that heaving a heavy presents on social media pages improves SEO dramatically.

Create Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus business pages make sure they are relevant to your online business eCommerce site and the most important you have a backlink from each one of them.

I have a few Facebook pages that ranks OK in Google and I noticed that they directly influence my main website rankings.
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Thanks Maya,

your post was commendable
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I really agreed with marcus_avrelius..Nice Post.
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Latest and new SEO techniques are: Article submission, content Marketing, social Media Marketing, Yahoo answering, Classified submission, Blog Submission, Bookmarking submission etc.
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New SEO techniques are the Blog submission, classified submission, Yahoo answering, Bookmarking submission, Directory submission, Article submission etc.
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i think there is no new link building technique, but always you have to manage quality link building with unique content.
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There are no new techniques Just changed the way like before some time Google focus on quantity but know on quality.
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More people are now using social media as an effective way to increase value of your website in the most effective way.
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PR is dead? Since when? Is link building dead? What replaced it?
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(05-14-2015 12:41 AM)Fullstopseo Wrote:  PR is dead? Since when? Is link building dead? What replaced it?

SEO is getting change into content marketing with limited link building.
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New techniques for SEO in 2015 are Optimize for mobile usability, Focus on a variety of keywords, Don’t ignore social media , Ditch complicated UX and URL, Don’t sweat the small stuff, Pair up with PR.
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Thanks to everyone
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Here are some new techniques of seo for 2015
1. PPT submission
2. Video distribution
3. PBN
4. Blog posting
5. guest posting
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Some of the best and latest SEO techniques that proven beneficial for increasing the traffic towards any business are:

1. Guest Posting
2. Forum Posting
3. Press Release
4. Infographics creation
5. QnA
6. Blog posting
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SEO is really changing vastly but SEO generally holds over back linking manual links from
Business listing
Press release
Social Media
Social Bookmarking
Article posting
web 2.0 site
document sharing
Image Sharing
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(05-06-2015 12:54 PM)hexajobs Wrote:  what are the New SEO techniques in 2015?

There are no new techniques in SEO, it is just that there are techniques that aren't anymore effective/useful.
If you want to improve your SEO focus on optimizing your site onpage. For offpage optimization do blogging and social media.

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