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phpbb vs mybb open sourse forum script

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Hi guys I know there are many open source and not forum scripts, however I have seeing so many reviews and I end up with phpbb forum script and mybb forum script. But now I have a problem I like them both so I can't decide which forum software is better. Can you tell me please which one do you think is better, easy to use and has good performance.
chod Offline referral

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I honestly think they are both very comparable and you will not find many major differences. I think the only real major difference between the two is phpBB has a much larger following, which could ease your pain some on getting a forum going. Cause it is a TON of work to get one flowing and working properly with enough traffic per day to not loose peoples interest.

Why not try this simple test. Do an A/B variable test, setup your forum on both use it some and see what you like and do not like about each one. Or pick one launch that version then on a subdomain launch the other one and offer users the ability to go back and forth between the versions. and make them vote on the main site which is the better one.

Either one you will have to learn the software some at the very least. These forums run on myBB and you seem to use them a bunch so I would think you might be happier with myBB at least in the beginning for the familiarity.
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It's a good idea chod! I personally prefer Mybb over phpBB because I find Mybb sorum script to be faster, much easier to understand and use than phpBB.
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If you go to MYBB web site you'll see how many phpbb users switching to mybb forum and the reason is very simple mybb forum software is better than phpbb forum script!
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From clear observation, Mybb seems my faster and easy to use. Also, with high usage i believe finding helps from fellow users would be quicker.

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