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rel="author" helps SEO?

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Should I use rel="author" to improve my seo? Actually does it even matter for Google whenever a site has it or not?
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Directly it doesn't affect SEO but indirectly it helps your SERP to stand out from the rest of search results thus increasing CTR and traffic.
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Google authorship mainly intended for author's to know their articles easily! Also Google authorship helps improving SEO campaigns.

Authorship - All in One Place:
rel="author" tag helps to find the article you written within one clicks. All the information about the author can be accessed easily.

Author Rank:
Author rank influence in search engine rankings. Google counts the author rank when resulting the search results.

Integration with Google +1:
Authority will be passed (When a person +1 an article).

Doesn't mean that Google gives high importance to author rank, it is also a factor in imporving search results.
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If your website gets a ton traffic or it ranks very high for some popular and very searched keyword then this tag has many benefits. The best of all if a free social media (Google+ Plus) sharing.

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