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rel nofollow external?

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What does rel="nofollow external" tag mean? I have seen it a few times and I am really conduced? What role does it play in seo?
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I don't really understand why use external when search engine is smart enough to figure that the link is not an internal one! Simply use nofollow rel don't make it harder for you it has no affect on SEO other than making a link as nofollow one.
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external is used to tell search engine that the link is to a different site it doesn't matter if the website is yours or not.

nofollow is used to tell search engine not to index neither follow the link also not to use it in the RageRank calculation.
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rel="no follow external" doesn't gives you any impact on SEO. Even the Google webmaster guidelines doesn't have a line about "No follow external". I think External link with No follow attribute may intended for to stop identifying the selling links by Google (or) to avoid the link penalities.

For Ex: You can set Nofollow attribute to an external link to avoid link penality to itself, when is not relevant to the website you're linking.
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