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remove all characters from string php?

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Any idea how to remove all special characters from the string with PHP? I only want to leave numbers, letters and spaces?
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PHP Code:
$string str_replace(' ''-'$string); //replace spaces with dash symbol
$string preg_replace('/[^A-Za-z0-9\-]/'''$string); //remove all but numbers, letters and dash symbol
$string str_replace('-'' '$string); // remove dash symbol
$string trim($string" "); // trim spaces from the beginning and the end 
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$string = str_replace you can use this code with your own way.
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Hi there,
function seo_friendly_url($string){
$string = str_replace(array('[\', \']'), '', $string);
$string = preg_replace('/\[.*\]/U', '', $string);
$string = preg_replace('/&(ampWink?#?[a-z0-9]+;/i', '-', $string);
$string = htmlentities($string, ENT_COMPAT, 'utf-8');
$string = preg_replace('/&([a-z])(acute|uml|circ|grave|ring|cedil|slash|tilde|caron|lig|quot|rsquo);/i', '\\1', $string );
$string = preg_replace(array('/[^a-z0-9]/i', '/[-]+/') , '-', $string);
return strtolower(trim($string, '-'));
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The str_replace() function replaces some characters with some other characters in a string.

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