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seo content behind login?

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How can Google index my content that can't be viewed by regular guests, you have to be a member to be able to read those articles? Is this wrong or it doesn't affect seo? Also should I make my content public for better seo?
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Google will not index the content after the login! Google spiders are not ready to register & Login to look of your beautiful content. So Spiders didn't index them at all.

Teaser pages - which contains the Meta tags (Title, Description & keywords). This can make spider to understand the page is all about. Those teaser pages are accessible by search engines.

For Ex: You might have seen some websites showing the pop-up to access the website. (like choose the city, place..etc)

Spiders will not give those values - Simply spiders skip those websites. In those cases, the website owners will remove those blocks (I mean the pop-up's) in the initial stages to make Google spiders to index and stores the content in the index & data servers. Later they will add the pop-up's.
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Bad idea! Google counts as a guest and if it can't access some page then the page will not get indexed. For Google user experience is everything. You should make your content available to guest ASAP before you get penalized for low quality content.
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Thanks experts I will make it public!

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