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seo for dummies what does it mean?

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When you type keyword seo in to search engine Google Instant shows " seo for dummies" what does it mean this " search engine optimization for dummies"????
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SEO is quite complicated and just as with everything else there are some basic steps you have to learn before trying more advanced search engine optimization. I believe it refers to that. You could call it SEO for beginners too.
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This is a latest term : when I was started learning SEO I don't see the term "Dummies".

Just I searched "search engine optimization for dummies", I found an user review which I saw in the first result.

seo for dummies what does it mean

If anyone started learning with the keyword "SEO for dummies" sure they'll be on one day to reply this thread as a SEO Monster. The dummies can learn many thing than the SEO Monster.
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SEO is NOT FOR DUMMIES. I did a big mistake trying to do things on my own. It only created a shabby online presence for my company

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