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seo submission

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what are the seo submission is more effective...
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The main reason behind search engine or directories submission is to generate backlinks not traffic.
This increases the chances of the web-site to get pick up by the major search engine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and index faster. It was mainly dine by the online services or an automatic software. These days it's thing of the past as back then webmasters started abusing it and as a result it because obsolete.
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Search engine optimization submitting is a process of submitting your links to directories and other search engines with the objective of getting them indexed faster.

There are many automatic submitting software available online pretty cheap and will submit your link to thousands of directories and other engines.

There are also online services available that will submit your links to social media and bookmarking site automatically mass submission.

Manually submitting a link is a paid.
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Best SEO Techniques are

1. Guest posting
2. Social Bookmarking
3. Article Submission
4. Web 2.0 Submission
5. Video Posting
6. Forum Posting
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Document/PDF/PPT/Video Sharing and Press release/podcasting are more effective ways to SEO link Submission.
Pinterest Pins / Stumbleupon (Adding pages) / Link generation via forums are some of the typical way of link generation.
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Go for social media sites. Also, forums and blogs that can help you increase the value of your website. Make sure to work in your desired niche.
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SEO submission includes: Social bookmarks submission, directory submission, article submission, video submission, search engine submission, blog submission, and press release submission.
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Pretty much is the process of spreading out your links across the internet with the objective of increase the chances of them getting picked up and indexed by the search engine and in the process generate some backlinks that will then improve website rankings and PR SEO.
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hi all. i am new for this forum. i see around here. actually very important web site. so some one please explain what is the Web 2.0 Submission..
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Web 2.0 submission is a technique used to share your content or links to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest.
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More and more people ae now using social media as en effective way in driving traffic to your website which is very beneficial.

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