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shared hosting and shared IP address SEO?

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What are the seo effects upon my website that is hosted on a shared hosting and uses shared IP address?

Is it mandatory for better rankings and seo to have VPS or Dedicated hosting along with dedicated IP?
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SEO have no connection with shared or vps but it's connected with your website speed, have low size theme to load you website fast. seo off page soo, it's not related to hosting..
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The only negative side of heaving web-site hosted on a shared hosting is that such server in comparising with VPS and Dedicated has many SQL limitations also website load time tends to be higher. Share IP address can be an issue as many other spam, hacking, illegal, XXX sites are using the same IP so that could be viewed by Google as a bad sign.
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Its better to have dedicated IP, and SSL. Google pushing for SSL now. Without dedicated IP we can't use SSL.

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