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single-page websites SEO?

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Can the single-page websites get high rankings and PR? Or it requires a more complex one with lots of indexed pages?
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It doesn't matter how many pages website has it's about the content in them. You can have thousands of pages but if the content in them is worthless then a single page website that has great content will beat you in the heartbeat.
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It is totally depends on your web page content content and navigation structure.
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Keep the guide: Visual Guide To Keyword Targeting Onpage Optimization, you can even rank a half-page website when it meets all the factors as mentioned in the MOZ.
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It's all about content on web pages of a website, so it doesn't matter how many pages are in website. You need to keep focus on good content, User friendly and interactive design as well as quality SEO efforts by following search engine guidelines and white hat SEO techniques.
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It doesn't matter whenever you have 1 or thousand of them after all not all of them will rank high for the same keyword. An optimized for performance and search engine web page that contains great I mean great content will go through the roof.
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Well as I understand so there is just need to work on Single web page only ! Just make back Links of single page & do share single page on Social Network as well as must check out Single page Title & Description tags too.
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I think one page is not enough. One page for a content is not a enough. You have to make sure that you update your account consistently.

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