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traffic exchange helps for SEO google ranking?

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Hi, my name is Sonam, please tell me traffic exchange helps for seo google ranking?
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If you ever asked your self if using traffic exchange websites is good or bad, then i would say, they have good and maybe more bad side effects.

First of all, TE sites offer large number of visits to your blog, but they viewing it for short time, like 5 - 10 seconds and it's very high bounce rate traffic, so it's not recommended. Views by these visitors are very low conversion rate because they mostly run to collect as many points / credits to gain traffic for their websites.

If you have Adsense ads on your blog, then DON'T use traffic exchanges, because you can be banned from Adsense and lose your revenues. Traffic exchanges mostly using iframes to show your website and Google will recognize it and probably penalize / ban you from Adsense due to their terms of services.
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Google does not use Analytics data in search rankings.
The most important factor in ranking is the quality of the content. If you’re having to resort to tricks and manipulations to try to rank, then your time would be better spent working on improving your content.
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Always genuine traffic helps you to get good ranking and increase the pa of your website, Traffic from different Ips, help in seo ranking.

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exchange traffic to get good ranking to rank keywords and traffic

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