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web site load time?

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My website loads fast most of the time but sometimes it for a short period if time load time increases can this affect my seo?
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Google doesn't base its data on the first not even on the second impression. It will download/visit your site multiple times to determine an average speed and performance. Google understands that website can't maintain its performance 100% 24/7 365 days. Even Google sometimes shows errors.
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@SureNot is right! Why don't you increase your bandwidth/server speed. Thousands of users at a time in your website may decrease the website load time due to the lack in Bandwidth. Google doesn't hate this!
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Get better hosting VPS or maybe Dedicated one should do the trick. It's not cheap though but will help your SEO. Shared hosting is bad for search engine optimization Smile
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Most shared hosting have unlimited bandwidth and storage VPS and Dedicated not.

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