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How to improve my website for your advice?
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Improve Website design or Ranking? Please be some more specific about your question.
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Shed some more light buddy like what words do you target what is your current SERP position etc. you can share your URL in this format site(dot)com
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If you want to ranking your website through different search engines you need to do both SEO On page techniques as well as SEO Off page techniques such as image sharing, bookmarking, forum posting, profile creation, classifieds, document submission and blog commenting which will hwlpful to create unique backlinks as well as boost the website traffic.
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SEO is the better option for your website to increase the web traffic and improve its rank on search engine.
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1. High-Quality Content
The best place to start any content marketing strategy is with a source for high-quality content.
2. Up-to-Date In-Store Information
For businesses where the web site is linked to a local business, connecting the online and in-store experience is a great way to give customers another reason to visit a site often.
3. User-Generated Content
If the Internet has trained us one thing, it's that people like to see content made by ordinary people.
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Better option for more exposure for your website is SEO and SMM. Both the methods are free and effective.
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What do you want to improve? ranking? design or something?

Google this topic

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