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what is growth hacking?

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Can anybody give me the explanation I mean the meaning of "growth hacking" and what role does it play in the internet marketing?
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This technique is a part of online marketing ecosystem, in marketing terms you can say that it is a traditional method of gaining exposures and acquiring customers.
It is a great marketing technique, developed by technology startups which uses creativity, analytical thinking, and social metrics to sell the products.
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Actually it is an idea that an entrepreneur can take a clever or non-traditional approach to increasing the growth rate/adoption of his or her product by "ha*king" something together specifically for growth purposes.
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Small business/entrepeneur model of growing a small startup in a lean and economical way. It means doing all the little things, mullti-tasking, and bootstrapping the operations of a company. So instead of hiring specialized members to help, you take on more and learn to use tools effectively to get what you need done for less.
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Growth hacking appeared as the modern way in the age of Web 2.0 to reach a market and distribute an idea. A growth hacker uses “pull”; he or she understands user behavior provides value immediately to persuade.
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Growth hacker marketing is all about making decisions to create the most effective way to market a product using whichever marketing techniques are most suitable. In some cases this may be through print, television advertising or radio.Groth hacking is quickly becomming one of the best -kept, not so secret. it is no longer a technique used solely by small business start -ups; large corporations are the tactics and achieving positive results.
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A growth ha-ker is just a fancy word for internet marketer. A keynote he gave last week “Growth ha-king is just GET USERS!” that’s the biggest part of growth ha-king, building a large influx of new active users.
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It's a completely new vision of marketing, based on the theory of taking advantage from what Internet community has to offer to a modern user. Here is a good example in practice - AirBNB Smile
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There is a lot of buzz around the new term "Growth Hacking", and many companies I know or have met recently are looking for a "Growth Hacker". I worry sometimes that this feels like a fad and people think "ooh, I will grow much faster if I can just find a magical unicorn growth hacker" or start to believe that you really can hack sustainable growth in any way.
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Growth hacking is reaching marketing and distributing an idea. Understanding user behavior is critical for growth hacking. The task is basically to grow a company using "hacks" that are free.

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