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what is keyword proximity / frequency / prominence / density / stuffing?

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Getting only the bored theories when I Google it Smile Can anyone give me an explanation for all the above in a single sentence? please?
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proximity = there are keywords that are mainly made of a single word and there are key-phrases that are made of more than one keyword. Proximity is when you divide key-phrase into keywords separated by some other words. The more separated key-phrase is the higher the proximity.
frequency = It is pretty similar to keyword density.
prominence = this refers to the prominent placement of keywords, phrases within page header, meta tags, opening paragraph, or start of a sentence.
density = means how many times the same keyword is mentioned in the content/article or a page. Should be kept under 3%.
stuffing = is when you intentionally use/post/add the same keyword/s in your article/content with goal of increasing rankings for that keyword/s.

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