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what is organic marketing?

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What is organic marketing and what role does it play in the internet? Is it something similar to organic traffic or it has nothing to do with online business?
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Organic means natural. It is the opposite of direct marketing where you intentionally trying to market some product.
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I would classified organic marketing as free one that is generating results without you ever spending money on it. SEO is a great example of such marketing.
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Organic marketing simply means search engine marketing. A marketing strategy which help you get target traffic from all search engines across the globe either through paid of free. Example of paid organic marketing is GOOGLE ADWORD. You can also get free organic visitors from all search engines only If your website keywords are targeted and you have many of your site pages ranked high by search engines. That's called free organic visitors.
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Organic marketing & organic seo is very very important to get organic traffic or genuine traffic. When any candidate search some thing in the search engine with the help of some searching keyword at that time which traffic come on the website that called organic traffic. This kind of traffic is the 100% genuine and lead generated traffic.
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i think organic marketing nothing, but organic traffic and organic search is the important things for online marketing.
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SEO is the organic marketing, get appear website with help of link building.
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Organic marketing is like to promote your business by following all rules and regulation. Natural ways to enhance your business presence is term as a organic marketing.
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In Organic Marketing the marketers try to brand themselves in all available and/or workable media to ensure that the consumers come to their business.

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