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what is the best internet marketing way to make money?

make money online
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The online or as many call it internet marketing is just so full of different ways of making money but the problem is most of them are not suitable for beginners but for for professional marketers. Are you aware of some ways we beginners can start earning some cash online easy?
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Buddy online marketing is not for greenhorns it's a battle field where only the strongest survive.

Start with Affiliate marketing (program) and PPC at first this more suitable bot beginners. Create a blog or website as your will need it.

Try also email marketing, maybe flipping domain names or reselling products on eBay and Amazon. Become YouTube partner it's free you know. You can also earn money by writing articles, testing apps and software or getting paid for twitting and commenting on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.
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Internet is full of people praying on folks like you and take advantage of them. Until you learn intent marketing stick to PPC networks like Adsense. You can simply use YouTube or if you with then create a blogger blog or a website money it and start earning money easy with little effort.

Affiliate program requires someone with a bit more experience in the marketing it's not something I would recommend for beginners.

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