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writing unique post but no organic traffic.

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I have a blog that is hosted on blogger platform. I am posting very often but not getting any error in my website .
I m getting thousand of views daily but there is no organic traffic yet.
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If you are getting thousands of hits every day how do you know this traffic is not organic?

Try pinging every and each of your content! Share the link of each content to as many social media and bookmarking sites, web-directories and you can!

The fact you have quality content means nothing you have to let the world to know about it including search engine once Google finds your site interesting that has quality content it will get up in rankings fast!

Add a social media gadget to each post so that users can share it thus generating more traffic and backlinks!

I can recall you had some other domains so if you had that same content on then I mean the one you have on this website that could be the problem!

Use canonical URL and htaccess 301 redirect to avoid duplicate content issue!
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Hello @kapoor, Just Go to your Google analytics account.
Left hand side you can see "Acquisition" - Overview -> There you can find the main acquisition (whether the traffic comes from organic traffic/direct search/...etc)

Like below:
writing unique post but no organic traffic
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Buddy take advantage of that content! Go to: http://www.addthis.com generate Share Buttons and then add them to your website somewhere at the beginning of the post/page this should generate some shares and more traffic!

Where does this traffic coming from? Please check "new users" and "new sessions" columns as that will tell you if the traffic you see it generated by YOU visiting your site many times a day Wink

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