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Get On Google First Page Fast

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Hi webmaster today I decided to teach you a SEO trick that you can use to get your website ranking on Google first page in very short period of time and very fast.

So lets get started but first a little reminder about how SEO works. So to make your website rank on top search results a page has to be relevant to some search query (keyword) an has to have a ton of backlinks coming from relevant websites.

Now you had probably seen those services that offer to generate free backlink for you fast right. The thing is that those sites submit your link to websites that check IP address, website and domain ownership, and pretty much generate info about the site like domain expiration date, county, hosting provider and so on.

A lot of beginners and professionals alike every day use such websites to spy on their competitors or simply to check the website info like whois. This means that such websites get huge amount of traffic.

Now the trick.

You need to create a website like WHOIS one, make sure you do good onpage SEO it's up to you.

Now for offpage SEO or to get backlinks to make it rank on top of Google we are going to use those websites that offer free backlinks. Why case those we can generate thousands of relevant, high PR (Page Rank), PA (Page Authority) and DA (Domain Authority) backlinks very fast and for free which will boost the site SEO and increase it's ranking fast.

Now give it some time and in a few month when the site becomes a high ranking one you can start thinking about how to make money with it.

You can use Adsense or offer your own PPC advertising or use the site to promote you main online business to you know drive some traffic to your main site.

Thanks for your time hasta la vista baby.
Posted on: 05-05-2016 , 11:53 AM Post ID: #27
Whether you're a web developer or a site owner, I'm sure you've been asked (or asked it yourself): How do I get on the first page of Google?

You can’t.

Now before you get all angry with me for the click-baity title let me explain; You can’t, because you’re asking the wrong question. The real question is how can you get on the first page of Google for specific keywords. Makes more sense, doesn’t it?

Why are keywords relevant? Simple, because you don’t want to rank high in search results when someone is searching for terms completely unrelated to the business you’re in. For example, you have an online store selling shoes and someone is looking to buy a refrigerator - not a person you’d want to attract right?

So how do I get on the first page of Google for specific keywords?

I’ve got good news for you! You don’t need a big marketing budget, you don’t need to hire expensive agencies (which are often selling bullshit), you don’t even need a lot of knowledge about online marketing. The only thing you need to do is…


Yes, you need to write, and you need to write a lot. And not just anything, you need to write about your business, or more importantly, about the topics your prospective customers are most interested in.

One of the excuses I get most often is that people don’t have a lot of material to write about, and I always prove them wrong. You know that one prospective customer who is always asking a ton of questions, wanting to know everything about your product or service? Time to make her a source of inspiration, not frustration.

Now for the most important part: Make sure that what you write delivers value to your prospective (or existing) customers, not Google. Google can tell when you’re writing just for the sake of writing. Instead, start a discussion on an important topic, answer and clarify a complex question, point readers in the right direction. Value is the key!. And you can’t outsmart Google, so don’t even try.
Posted on: 11-04-2015 , 12:22 PM Post ID: #13
How to cool is that gonna try it using a subdomain do have a super relevant domain name Smile
Posted on: 10-28-2015 , 12:18 PM Post ID: #12
Nice SEO trick Marcus gonna try it for sure.