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How Universe Works By Victor Dub!

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Hello guys here I am publishing my thoughts about how I believe the universe works. Long time ago I had published paper on the forth dimension read it to understand this work: http://letsforum.com/Thread-Forth-dimens...erse-works

Every galaxy has a black whole in the center that makes it spin right! But what is a black whole!

The universe is filled with a black matter that has to have a mass! I believe that in the universe apart from black-matter has to be some other substances that act as wind as current circulating moving throughout the universe some like winds we have in the atmosphere and currents in the ocean moving in different direction!

I guess that those currents have a mass on their own and when two of them moving in opposite directions collide or pass very close to each other the friction generated makes the black-matter caught in the middle to rotate or to spin and that spinning or rotation motion is the birth of the black-whole. The good example of it is a tornado that is created as a result of two masses of air currents moving in opposite directions or water swirls. The other example is the Jupiter ayes!

Once we get the spinning motion going of the black whole it will start to draw surrounding matter towards the center of it and the spin will create this distinctive storm like circular shape. Slowly it will start to gather more and more other types of elements and matter that will become the building block for solar systems.

Since the universe is inside the forth dimension this means that we have black-matter (3 dimensions) applying the same amount of force from all directions trying to squeeze everything into a single round bubble like shape or point. This helps the black whole to keep the matter in the orbit and the reason the galaxy is round but flat is cause of the centrifugal force!

I don't believe black wholes are spinning for ever but from our human prospective they are! I believe that the cosmos contains the same amount of matter and it never changes only gets recycled transported and dumped in some other location of the universe by the black-whole, only to allow for the other black-whole to start the process all over again. And if you ask me why we have so many galaxies and all of them are orientated in different directions then my answer to you would be, this proves the existence of the space currents that push, move, and mix galaxies and everything in the universe. And billions of years is more than suffusion amount of time to create billions of galaxies.

Now lets move our focus towards solar systems and how it works!

Before we begin we have to answer this crucial question! Why in the solar system planets, moons and most of the asteroids or objects with sufficient mass are round sphere like!

The answer is 4th dimension law! Which states that a forth dimension is the force that keeps other 3 dimensions together! 3 dimensions are moving in X, Y and Z directions axis right and that means pretty much in every possible directions and to keep them combined or to make them work you need a forth dimension in the form of a sphere! It's like we have Earth that has breathable atmosphere which represents 3 dimensions and the earth itself is the forth dimension that keeps the atmosphere 3 dimensions inside!

The universe is another type of matter that has its own 3 dimensions and there has to be a forth one to keep these 3 dimensions of black-matter inside!

This brings me to the conclusion that our universe is round has a sphere shape!

Now lets go back to the formation of the solar system and all its planets.

The galaxy is full of building matter that makes possible the formation of the starts and planes right. Since all those gases dust and stuff are surrounded by the 3 dimensions it means that black-matter will be compressing all that matter into a singe round sphere like point and in case of the sun that compression will ignite the nuclear fusion, which will maintain the size of the star as long as it has suffusion amount of fuel to keep counteracting the force of black-matter! Since a start is made of gas once the fuel is gone it will collapse into a singe super dense point!

This also explains why the planes are round! If you blow a bubble you will see it always wants to remain round in the form of a sphere! Or you can blow a bubble under the water which will produce the same result! Why.... cause of the force of 3 dimensions! Don't get me wrong the black-matter, atmosphere, water or whatever has to have a mass on its own to be able to exert the pressure or force on the objects like stars, planets, moons, galaxies and pretty much everything in the universe!

Now lets move to the planes their orbits and how it's possible for planets to maintain their perfect orbits!

I personally don't believe in the theory about the fabric of space! The explanation is much simpler! It all has to do with gravity!

We have a sun or a star with its gravitational pull that wants to bring the object toward itself but since the planets are in the orbit around the sun the centrifugal force is keeping them where they are! The balance has to be perfect! If something disturbs this balance this will alter the orbit of the planet which will result in the planet slamming into the sun or fly away!

The same principals are applied to the moon! We have a planet with its gravity pulling the moon towards itself and the centrifugal force generated by the orbit keeps the moon well in the orbit LOL.

I believe the only way we can travel faster than speed of light is not by creating warm wholes or banding the fabric of space but by finding out that the black-matter is made of and then create anti-matter!

It will have to be in solid form and will work in the principal of a magnet that repel each other! The more you energize anti-matter the more it will repel black-matter propelling you in the opposite direction generating enormous speeds!

I think the answer to most if not all questions about the universe are found right here in the earth around us we just have to watch and listen better! Humans these days are becoming arrogant and selfish and don't respect mother nature any more in fact they are destroying it so sometimes I think why bother looking for the questions to the riddles of life when we can't even cherish our planet everyone and everything that is part of it and part of the life!

P.S. Just realized that my theory explains the Big Bang theory!

According to my theory the amount of matter in the universe don't change it only gets recycled and moved to another location by the black wholes where another black whole will start the whole process all over again!

A black whole is like a tornado that has a funnel like shape where we have matter entering in one end and coming out the other.

Now imagine the universe with only one quarter of it full of galaxies and other types of matter the rest is completely empty!

Now imagine that we have a super massive black whole working in part of the universe that is full. This black whole starts taking, sucking all this matter into it right.

Now imagine that the black whole I mean its other end where the matte comes out is located in the part of the universe that is empty!

So as soon a this black whole starts dumping all that matter there you have a Big Bang in that part of the universe! I mean big bangs are happening all over the universe for sure but since we are talking about such wast distances it's impossible to perceive or detect cause by the time one happens in one universe many other universes had already gone empty.
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Posted on: 09-07-2015 , 02:36 PM Post ID: #4
That is some serious thinking Marcus! After I read your theory I thought about it for a while and I have to say it makes sense! We can and in fact many major discovery were made by simply interpretation and reading the nature! Even Albert Einstein and his special relativity was based on observing your surroundings.