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Lets Forum Signature Rotator Seo Tool

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Greta news guys after so much time deliberating and thinking about it we finally decided to develop and lunched our signature rotator feature.

How it works!

We all know that backlinks and anchor links are important for Google and what really important is the variety of anchor links!

So if you have 1000 posts on some forum and all of them show same signature this could be viewed as web spam!

So the solution is our SEO Tool that allows you to add up to 5 different signatures which will then randomly show on your posts.

So if you have 1000 replies and 5 different signatures and different anchor links in each of them then after Google finishes indexing your replies most of them will show a different link to your website that will really improve your SEO and increase Google rankings.

So this allows you really increase your website rankings for multiple keywords!

Now how to get started.

Forum signature and and signature rotator are different features so if you use one the other will be hidden!

Now to use rotator you will need to go you Edit Profile and locate:

Signature #1
Signature #2
Signature #3
Signature #4
Signature #5

And input your content there!

Now the it will show as signature on blogs and threads however only if you have 10+ posts!

There are limitations:

HTML: off
Smiles: off
Max length: 255 chars
BBCode: off

To input URL use this BBcode:

[url=http://letsforum.com/]SEO FORUM[/url]

So this is it thanks again for choosing out community!
Posted on: 12-08-2018 , 11:27 AM Post ID: #45
thank sir for this information
Posted on: 11-25-2018 , 10:37 PM Post ID: #40
Thank you, you are a genius!
Posted on: 10-31-2018 , 08:00 AM Post ID: #39
thanks sir it so good
Posted on: 07-02-2017 , 01:15 PM Post ID: #35
Very interesting information, thanks for share.
Posted on: 05-05-2017 , 08:14 AM Post ID: #34
Glad to know about this amazing feature. Thank you
Posted on: 05-15-2016 , 08:00 AM Post ID: #31
thanks admin for this amazing and great SEO tool which allows users to add up to 5 signature.
Posted on: 02-18-2016 , 12:40 PM Post ID: #26
Very much appreciate your feedback @KevinMax good to have you back.
Posted on: 02-18-2016 , 08:33 AM Post ID: #25
Great man! Very useful.
Posted on: 01-22-2016 , 03:09 PM Post ID: #24
You're welcome @Ivan. We had to fix some minor bugs but now it works as advertised.