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Real Ways To Make Money Online For Beginners!

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Internet had become a land of opportunities for those that know how to take advantage of it! However for most of us beginners that know very little about the web apart from sending, receiving emails (Gmail) and checking sites like Google (search engine) and YouTube (video sharing website)!

The majority of internet users are there to make money and to to have fun well making money of fun right 001_thumbup

So when it comes to making money online beginners are presented with a ton of challenges. The biggest one and the most important I would consider is not to get ripped-off or scammed by others.

Yes you got me right! There are legit ways to earn money in the internet but there are as many if not more boguous ones!

So you have to approach each new way with caution! Always do your home work when it comes to investing money and time in the internet!

There plenty of techniques to earn some decent amount of cash online but we are only interested in those that are easy and if possible for free!

I know not every method will have the same pay-out but you have to assume that YOU are not some other person that has better knowledge and better mind you have to find the way that is easy for you and don't be jealous case some make money money than you!

Making fast money online the legal way is quite difficult and any service that says that should be approached with causing! Why... well because you can spend a ton of time on them in some cause even invest cash and get nothing in return and you know what they say "time is money".

You should avoid services like pay-per-download or pay-per-surveys as they are time consuming and at most will make you a few hundreds a month if you lucky!

Obviously the logic approach would be to start your own online business like shop or eCommerce website but since that requires huge investment and good knowledge of intent marketing, SEO, web design and development it's at this time out of our reach!

So how do we start making money online?


You will need to create a website first or a blog. For a blog you can use free blogs like Google Blogger. For a website you can use either free templates or use some open source CMS (content management system).

Heaving a website doesn't cost that much since you will need to register a domain that cost $16.99 per year and host the site on the shared hosting as first which costs under $5 bucks a month. Very cheap!

Now that have our blog or website we can start blogging or publishing quality content! Why it's important and how am I gonna make money with it you may ask? Well website is essential for any online business! And the purpose of posting quality content is to get better Google rankings and make your website rank on the first page which equals a ton of traffic and where there is traffic there are money to be made!

Once you start receiving decent amount of money you can then use the website to make money from:

PPC. Pay-per-click such as Adsense is the mostly use way to earn money online but the site need traffic! You monetize your content with ads and every time some one clicks on the ad you will get paid. Depending on the ad you could get paid from 30 cents up to 100 dollars per click!

Affiliate Programs. Again requires traffic to work! This method works similar to PPC. You have to sign-up for some affiliate program and then use your website or other means to generate traffic to that affiliate landing page (you will be given the link) and if some one buys or purchases the products or whatever they sell there you will get paid your commission up to 30% from the sale.

Selling advertising space. You can turn your website into money making machine but offering online marketers to place their banner on your website for some commission or you can create your own PPC program!

Selling your own products. Once your website start getting traffic you can open your own online store and sell there you own products or some other people's for a commission again.

Now lets say how you can make money online for free! That you need is:

Google Blogger or YouTube combined with Adsense!

Blogger blog is free and you can monetize it with Adsense so all you need is quality content and traffic. Don't use WordPress free blogs as they don't allow any adverting!

The best way to really make a killing online is on YouTube! All you need is upload some coll videos that get millions or at least hundreds of thousands of view and then link Adsense and monetize all your videos with it. Now that's what I call free money!

Once you start earning some decent money you can then invest part of that cash into professional video editors, graphics designers and better video and audio equipment which will make your video look professional and make you even more money!

So ladies this is pretty much concludes this lesson on "how to make money online for beginners".

Remember be safe!
Posted on: 12-08-2018 , 11:47 AM Post ID: #46
hard Working first
Posted on: 05-05-2016 , 12:17 PM Post ID: #29
these are the some techniques to make money money online

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Online surveys
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Social Investment Networks
Sell your notes
Review websites & apps for cash
The ‘Disney Vault’ secret
‘Get Paid To’ sites
Start your own website
Posted on: 09-18-2015 , 06:41 AM Post ID: #8
I guess it will be hard at first but once you get familiarize with then it will be way more easy. It is always a matter of being creative enough, and being updated on the latest trend that people might get interested with.
Posted on: 09-07-2015 , 02:38 PM Post ID: #5
I think that you can make a ton of money simply with Adsense and either YouTube or a blog or website!