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Reputation system


Reputation system lets users rate other users based on their actions and posts. All ratings are tallied to give every user a total reputation, which can be displayed in their profiles and posts. To help limit abuse, all reputation comments are public, displayed in a simple reputation report along with the comment and value of the rating.

Rate users multiple times

Ever since it was introduced, reputation system has offered the ability to give individual a negative, neutral, or positive rating, as well as leave a comment to explain the rating. But these ratings could only be given once. Now it's possible to rate a single user multiple times, leaving a number of comments on their reputation report. It is also now possible to remove the ability to give negative ratings.

Rate posts

Reputation system introduces the ability to rate not just users, but individual posts as well. Every post can now be given a rating (negative, neutral, or positive) to be left on the users' reputation report, allowing users to show they approve - or disapprove - of another's posts. For post ratings, leaving a comment is optional.