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How to use at, in, on in English?
Hi folks, I am not a native #English speaking person alright and although I speak English I heave a hard time wrapping my head around how to use AT, IN and O...
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Learn English Online?
Do you truly believe that is possible for somebody to learn proper English in the internet? What does it take to learn it the right way?
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How do I make English my default language & display Google results in English?
When I do Google search I get a ton of search results in many different languages I don't speak! How to only return or search for web-pages that are written ...
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SEO and translated content?
If I take some content that is in English translate it to Spanish and then post it again will that be considered as duplicate in SEO?
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Web page language other than English?
What should I do if I decide to make my web page content/text in the language that doesn't use English letters? Is there some extra code I should add?
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non English website ranks for english search query?
Just doing my thing searching Google for some stuff I have stumbled upon many SERPs that are not even English sites however I have entered the English Keywor...
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Clone website SEO?
I have a website and the entire website is in English so I want to clone my site but instead of English I wanna translate it to Spanish will that work or not...
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What "LOL" means in English?
I see all the time people typing "LOL" but it this something bad or what does it mean?
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English Pronunciation?
My English vocabulary is pretty god but my pronunciation sucks big time, my question is how to learn English pronunciation?
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English May and Might
Hi, could you give me an easy example when or how to use [b]may[/b] and [b]might[/b]?
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How to use IN, AT, and ON in English
Hi, I have to confess I really have a problem using [b]IN[/b], [b]AT[/b] and [b]ON[/b]. It's not an issue when I am familiar with the phrase like [b]at the a...
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