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How to configure and set up VPS hosting?
I am planning to move my websites to #VPS hosting and I need somebody to step by step me with a tutorial on how to set up VPS configure everything with minim...
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Disable mod security on Godaddy business hosting?
Just moved from shared #hosting to business one and guess what heaving problems with so called mod_securuty firewall! Apparently since my plan is not a #V...
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Godaddy copy files from one folder to another?
I am on #Godaddy #WebHosting my website's files are inside one folder alright however I wanna move those files from that folder and place them inside public_...
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Godaddy Renewal Coupon Code
For a long time #Godaddy offered Renewal Coupon Codes right but here is a thing some say they stopped it is it really true? Godaddy still offers Coupon Co...
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leverage browser caching on Godaddy Linux shared hosting?
How to enable leverage browser caching on Godaddy Linux shared hosting?
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Increase PHP memory on Godaddy shared Linux hosting?
My PHP memory is showing 64mb how to increase it as it's juts way too low?
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Virtual Address For Google Local Verification
Hello everyone, We are offering virtual offices in various locations around the globe. Right now we have mass discount offers for US/ Australia/ UK. V...
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addmefast CPC cost per click?
I have my cost per click set at 5 cents but I see no clicks! What is the optimum or bets CPC I should use to get more clicks?
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how to get more add me fast free points?
I have just created an account on addmefast.com and I have only have 50 free point is there a way to add more points for free without buying them?
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Addme Fast - does it work?
Add me fast website had been suggested to me by many internet marketers to increase Facebook likes but does it really work?
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How to add HTML horizontal brake space?
I would like to add a blank space between the text in my HTML web-page I don't want to brake the line just add more space how to do that?
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Can I add CSS style to HTML p tag?
Is this OK with Google and W3C validator SEO in general that I add inline CSS style, CLADD or ID to P tag?
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How to add font size to H1, H2 and H3 tags?
I know the importance of using H tags but they have huge font size how to add a custom one! I would like to be able to make it smaller or bigger how can I do...
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shared hosting and shared IP address SEO?
What are the SEO effects upon my website that is hosted on a shared hosting and uses shared IP address? Is it mandatory for better rankings and SEO to ha...
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How to hide, change or fake my IP address?
I had been banned from many places but I want to keep posting there! Now I can't create an account as they have my IP address how can I change it? P.S. My co...
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How to add business to google maps?
I would like to let my customers know about the location of my business like phone number and address I mean that will show on Google maps whenever search fo...
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Godaddy affiliate program?
Had anybody ever used Godaddy and its affiliate program? In the scale from 1 to 10 where it ranks in terms of earnings?
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How To Add The H1 Tag To Home Page?
I am using mybb and i shall be thankful if someone could teach me how to add h1 tag to the home page.
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WordPress Backup Plugin
WordPress Backup Plugin - Websites affects any of time. Adding backup plugin to the website is like having recovery. It backups your exports files, databases...
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How to add CSS class or style to H1 tag and align inline with div?
I added [b]<h1></h1>[/b] to my HTML page but the problem is it juts too big and it shows below the div tag. How to make them show inline horizontally and how...
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How to install add jQuery link to add HTML page code?
I have code in my HTML page that wants to call a function from jQuery so I need to add a link to jQuery source in my header but I am not familiar with the li...
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Shared IP address rankings SEO?
Can a website that has shared IP address ever rank high on Google and have high PR?
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Dedicated IP address on shared hosting?
My website is hosted on a shared hosting and when I asked my hosting provides if I can purchase dedicated IP they replied saying that it's not possible. I...
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Add PayPal button to my website?
Should I add PayPal donate button to my website or this could be viewed as something negative?
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PR vs backlinks rankings?
For a new website what should be addressed first getting backlinks or increasing PageRank? Which one determines website's rankings position?
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How to stop people using FireBug to inspect and check my website source code? I mean I just want this add-on not to work on my site.
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add a field to this contact form
Hello I used page manager and with these codes : [code] <?php global $headerinclude, $header, $theme, $footer, $templates, $lang; $lang->load('mem...
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Best Firefox addons for SEO?
Firefox is a great web browser why because it has a ton of plugins/addons that are great for webmasters working on SEO/search engine optimization. What are t...
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add some settings to a plugin
Hello long ago in this topic : [url=http://letsforum.com/Thread-Show-profile-only-for-my-buddy-list-members]Show profile only for my buddy list members[/ur...
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Things don't add up with this website
Hi everyone, I have been asked to optimise a client's website (weiss-ukdotcom). It was launched on 21/03/14 under an existing domain used for their previo...
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