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Full Width Backgrounds
In the Website, screen borders and page margins may become things of past. now trends are full width background images that fill the screen completely with t...
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Important CSS3 Properties
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Show background image or color for an empty div?
How to make empty div show background? For some reason when div contains text background show but now then empty?
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IMG tag vs CSS background property SEO?
For SEO which one is better img tag or CSS background property?
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How to change your desktop background on Windows 7?
My laptop computer runs on Windows 7 operation system and I would like to change desktop background image or as many call it wallpaper how do I do it?
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How to download background images from Bing?
The only reason I love Bing is because of its spectacular homepage backgrounds. I would really like to change my desktop background and replace it with the i...
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Adsense ad with transparent background?
Is it possible to create Adsense ad with a transparent background instead of a solid color? The only reason I am asking is because I am using gradient backgr...
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How to Set a Background Image in HTML?
I have noticed many websites have Background Image instead of color I would like to know how to make my page background show image and not color? Is color ba...
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CSS Background Opacity - Transparency ?
Guys I am trying to make my div background color 50% transparent this is my CSS code: [code] .container{ background-color: #252525; } [/code] I want th...
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DIV background color?
I have a few divs and I would like each of them to have different background color how do I do that?
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Photoshop how to remove background?
How is it possible to change background of image in Photoshop?
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CSS Background
How can I change my website background color? My website background color is white but I want it to be light grey color!
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