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Who to get WordPress Website back with database?
I just launched my wordpress website. My developer has no connect with me right now and i need to get a backup of my server files with database as well. So c...
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WordPress Backup Plugin
WordPress Backup Plugin - Websites affects any of time. Adding backup plugin to the website is like having recovery. It backups your exports files, databases...
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How to create MYBB backup?
How to backup MYBB all folders and files that are on the server?
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How to backup MYBB database?
Sorry for such a basic question but could you please explain how to properly create MYBB SQL database backup?
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The best backup strategy using PHP ?
Hi, anybody know the best strategy for backup the website or application using script ? I want to dump the database & files & folder using PHP script. ...
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How to backup Blogger Blog?
We all know how important is to regularly backup your internet content like website, blog and if you have database SQL. So I have a Blogger blog and I have b...
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How to backup server root directory?
I have my site hosting on shared hosting and finally I am able to create SQL database backup but I also need to learn how to create a backup of my entire web...
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How to Create Database Backup SQL Server?
Can anybody tell me how to create a database backup using PHPmyAdmin SQL? I have installed a forum software and I need to learn how to backup my database jus...
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