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remove all characters from string php?
Any idea how to remove all special characters from the string with PHP? I only want to leave numbers, letters and spaces?
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special characters in URLs SEO?
There is no doubt in my mind that you and pretty much enayone online came accorss domains that contained special characters, is this something seeing as bad ...
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Minimum characters Message and Title - MYBB
Hi guys after seeing so many people trying to implement a function in MYBB forum script that will block any post if the message or title doesn't meet the req...
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Limit Number of Characters in Textarea or Text Field?
I have created a textarea or as many call it text field and I am kind of wondering how can I limit the number of characters user can input into that field I ...
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Add spacing between characters or letters?
I have a text that I would like to spread out a little in other words I need to add spacing between characters or you and me letters is it possible to achiev...
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