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Is Mobile SEO different from desktop SEO?
Today Internet users use mobile search more than the search on desktops and laptops. This is not surprising since the number of mobile Internet users is cons...
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mobile and desktop rankings?
Why my web-site Google search results ranking is different on mobile phone than on PC computer?
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website rankings are different depending on the web browser?
What seems to be the problem with my website search engine rankings? The ranking position changes depending on whenever I use my smartphone or my PC. On my c...
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How to increase website rankings in US?
I want my website to rank high in USA because that there my customer are but in US site rankings are terrible don't know why? Why web-site ranks different...
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Pick a Consistent Name
Make sure your name is consistent across different social media sites. For example, if you use a Twitter user name that doesn't represent your brand name you...
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Moving website to a different host SEO?
Will in some ways SEO get affected if I decide to move my website to another web site hosting?
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Color choice in Marketing
People respond differently to different colors and if you know how and why they do. When you understand how someone reacts to a color, you can solicit a resp...
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What is the differentce between http and https?
Why some websites have their URL begging with [b]http://[/b] when others begin with [b]https://[/b]? What does it mean and is it something important for bett...
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Why website is not ranking the same in different countries?
I have noticed that my website rankings are not the same I mean when I access Google from UK it ranks differently in comprising to when I access Google from ...
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SEO 2014?
How different is SEO in 2014? How to prepare for Google's 2014 Algorithm? What are the changes in SEO, what are the SEO Tips and Tricks for 2014? What are th...
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Same video on different websites?
May i upload a same video on different video sharing websites, like YT, Dailymotion and Vimeo etc.. Is it a spam to post a same video on different websites? ...
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DIV background color?
I have a few divs and I would like each of them to have different background color how do I do that?
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PS3 vs PS4
Clearly, visually ps4 is diffeter from ps3 but I am more interesting in other differences so feel free to share what makes playstation 4 different for playst...
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