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Does Google give a ranking boost to blogger blog?
Since Blogger belongs to Google I am wondering if creating one means that it's gonna get a ranking boost? I wanna know if Blogger blog in someways is given m...
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Will websites that run Adsense be given higher rankings and PR?
There is no doubt Google likes websites monetized with Adsense ads but is it liking them so much that it's willing to give then more rankings and PR?
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Backlinks vs Content what is given more weight?
Backlinks are important but so is content then what is given more weight by Google?
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How come Google gives priority to PPC not SEO?
I am busting my a*s doing this SEO thing like a mad man trying to get my website rank high in Google and get that traffic BUT it looks like Google doesn't ca...
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Do Social Bookmarking sites give high quality backlinks?
Does anybody know if submitting or sharing URL to social media sites means I am gonna get high PR backlink?
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