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Rewrite all images to one?
How can I show one image for no matter what image name/file you request? In other words I have one image file let's call it [b]default.png[/b]. Now from HTM...
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leverage browser caching on Godaddy Linux shared hosting?
How to enable leverage browser caching on Godaddy Linux shared hosting?
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Redirecting non-www to www with .htaccess?
I am able to access my website from both www and non www URL I know that this will cause duplicate issue with the SEO how to 301 redirect it?
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htaccess 301 redirect?
I set up a .htaccess 301 old URL to new one redirect how long do I have to keep that code? The content is no longer on my site its on the new website!
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Enable GZIP comression .htaccess?
My hosting says that my account has gzip compression enabled and to make it work I have to modify my .htaccess file. Can someone tell me how to make this work?
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How to Password Protect a Directory with .htaccess?
I have been looking for how to protect website directory with the password but just can't understand how to make it work, you you please explain how to creat...
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.htaccess 404 redirect
I am heaving trouble setting up .htaccess 404 redirect on my XAMPP server I use this code [code] # Redirect: ErrorDocument 404 /not-found.html [/code] ...
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How to Leverage Browser Caching .htaccess
Hi I have just tested my site with "Google PageSpeed Insights" and it says that I have "Leverage Browser Caching" issue but how to enable it? [quote] Set...
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Can my .htaccess file be viewed by anyone?
Hi I have a .htaccess file in the root directory and I am wondering if anyone can view it?
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Redirect all traffic to a new site with Apache .htaccess
Hi is there a way to redirect all the traffic I mean all the pages to new domain with .htaccess?
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htaccess 301 redirect domain to new domain
Hi I have a website that I don't think is helping me make any money so I have decided to shut it down. But I want to redirect all the traffic from that domai...
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How to protect directory .htaccess
Hi it's me again this time I need help to protect my admin folder with .htaccess. My website has administrator control panel that is password protected but a...
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How to Redirect 404 Not Found Page Using .htaccess
Can you help me please. I have noticed on my Google webmaster tools that sometimes Google shows 404 Not Found but the URL is a bit odd. I know that is hurtin...
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Redirec non-www to www with .htaccess
Can you help me with .htaccess redirect? I need .htaccess canonical redirect from "www.domain.com" to "domain.com". Apache server!
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