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Flash for Websites
Flash proprietary software from Adobe. It requires separate plugin to run on pages. Implementation is consistent across all browsers. It has wealth of cap...
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How to decrease pc boot time?
My laptop PC/Computer booting time is so slow it feels like it takes forever to show desktop. Wat can I do to speed this up and make it load faster?
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laptop battery in or out?
Guys I have just bought me a brand new laptop computer and I am wondering if I should leave battery in or take it out when PC is plugged in or is shutdown?
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how to cool down laptop?
Does anybody know how to cool down laptop computer? My laptop is 1 year old and for some reason started to get really hot, sometimes it gets so hot that it s...
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Best Gaming Laptop 2014 ?
Many say that it's almost impossible to buy powerful PC for gaming and you have to buy separately RAM memory, Graphics Card, Processor and then put all of th...
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What is the best laptop?
I am kind of wondering what is the best laptop model or a brand?
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How to cool down a laptop
Hi can you help me to cool down my PC. It heats up to 90 degrees Celsius when I am gaming, I have to stop because I am afraid it can damage my laptop. My ...
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