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Wordpress Website Easy Speed Up Tricks
Today we are going to boost the wordpress websites through plugins. 1st of all you need a good web hosting or server who response quickly when a user request...
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CloudFlare SEO?
I read that #CloudFlare is used to fight off spam bots and robots but since all the connections are make though that service I am wondering if that has any i...
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SEO friendly share buttons?
I know social media buttons slow the website down I mean they increase load time but since they are so important I am wondering if there is a way to have the...
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does loading speed affects website rankigs?
Does anybody know is website load time or speed has some affect on SEO rankings?
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Do social media sharing buttons bad for SEO and slow the website?
Is it true that social media buttons are bad for SEO cause they slow the website down I mean increase the load time which seems to be important? I always ...
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Adsense website load time?
Does monetizing web-site with Adsense ads means that it will take longer to load I mean that the load time will increase?
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