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Best wordpress plugin for seo?
The majority of the websites are "powered by WordPress" I am wondering which is your opinion the best or a must have plugin for SEO?
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Duplicate content
Hi guys Im doing SEO for my niche blogging by duplicate the content of every post on different forums, magazines. Content are written by me but once I nee...
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Avartan WordPress Slider Plugin
[url=http://avartanslider.com/]Avartan Slider Plugin[/url] is an image and video slider for your WordPress website. This plugin supports images, YouTube, Vim...
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Redirect Traffic
Hello Everyone!! I just want to discuss one critical issue here which I am facing presently. My website is based on skin and hair treatment in wordpress. ...
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Firefox has prevented the unsafe plugin "Adobe Flash" from running?
When I go to youtube I get this message showing on top of the screen? [quote]Firefox has prevented the unsafe plugin "Adobe Flash" from running on www.you...
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I sell wordpress themes,plugins and cheap setup
Do you need a specific wordpress template?Or a plugin? I sell wordpress themes and plugins ,also I offer cheap setup. Get in touch with me if you are intere...
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Facebook social plugin?
I am not sure but I think this "Facebook social plugin" is for WordPress websites right? Anyways how can I add it to my site that is not running on WordPress?
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MyBB monetize Portal and ForumDisplay threadslist with Adsense ads plugin!
Hello ladies it's been a while since the last time I posted a tutorial on MYBB open source forum script/software. Now this time I will teach you how to add...
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MYBB awards plugin postbit and profile templates
Hi ladies it's been a long time since I posted something about MYBB. So this time I decided to share with you this plugin I created long time ago to give u...
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WordPress Backup Plugin
WordPress Backup Plugin - Websites affects any of time. Adding backup plugin to the website is like having recovery. It backups your exports files, databases...
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change like plugin field in Prostat
Hello How can I change the default like plugin stat in Prostats I'm using this plugin : https://github.com/euantorano/SimpleLikes Now I want to match i...
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MYBB Advanced quick reply form mod plugin!
Guys here is a plugin for all of you interesting in adding text editor and smilies to MYBB quick reply form. [php] <?php // Disallow direct access to th...
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image resize to fit screen in mybb without plugin ?
Hello I want to resize images im mybb to fit in post but without any plugin I used this plugin before : http://mods.mybb.com/view/fit-on-page but js...
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add some settings to a plugin
Hello long ago in this topic : [url=http://letsforum.com/Thread-Show-profile-only-for-my-buddy-list-members]Show profile only for my buddy list members[/ur...
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MYBB make forum private with a plugin mod
What's up ladies here I am again posting trying to help others looking for a way to make a forum private you know when user tries to access it gets a deny me...
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Create a custom PHP page in MYBB without plugin
I remember once I was looking for a way to add my own custom page without a plugin, ended up using [b]page manager[/b] plugin but now that I know how easy it...
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best sitemap for Mybb
Hi Friends I use this plugin for Generat my forum sitemap: [code]sitemap-generator[/code] but, problem that is, this plugin dont work Automaticly. Ever...
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show today top poster without any plugin
Hello I want to show today top poster like Lets Forum [b]without any plugin [/b] :heart:
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An Idea for "Show the users that has been online today" plugin
Hi my friends specially Markus I have "Show the users that has been online today" Plugin and i want to add something in this plugin .I saw this feature in y...
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How to create plugin for MYBB?
Guys could you please explain how plugins for MYBB forum are created? I don't really know much about PHP but I only need a plugin template without any PHP in...
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new function
[php]function myplugin_main(&$page) { global $mybb; switch($mybb->settings['fbslider_type']) { case 1 : ...
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MyBB Advanced Quick Reply Form - No Plugin Needed!
To be able to use plugins is the reason why many find MYBB such a great forum script. Plugins are great for doing small things but if you are looking to do ...
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mybb plugins
I have a question, is it ok to use plugins I mean is it safe to use them and can a plugin mess my mybb database or mybb theme? Is there another way to do it ...
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MyBB - Best Plugins
MyBB is one of the best if not the best free forum software out there at the moment! The base MyBB installation provides you with many features to manage y...
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MyBB Board Messages Without Plugins - Guest Message - Conditional Message
MyBB is the best open source forum software however even the best forums can't have it all so here I will help you to create guest messages or welcome messag...
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