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How to reduce intel processor power on windows 7?
My computer laptop is getting very hot and no matter what I do I can't cool it down now I came across an article about "how to cool the laptop computer down"...
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How to Reduce or Decrease Bounce Rate of my site?
My website bounce rate is hitting almost 100% and I know from reading some SEO articles that it should be under 50%. What are the best ways to lower it?
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Benefits of Responsive Web Design
Responsive Web Design gives consistent and optimized customer experience across all touch points. Creates single code base and one website for all on-line c...
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Reduce server response time?
I am working on my website performance optimization and when I use Google Insights I get a warning: [b]Reduce server response time[/b] Any idea how to red...
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How to reduce bounce rates?
What techniques are used to reduce bounce rate? What bounce rate is considered as bad and what bounce rate is considered good in SEO?
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How to compress a video file ?
I have a few movies that are 2GB each but I have found the same movie online that was under 1GB, how to reduce video file size?
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