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Simple Captchas with PHP?
I would like to know how captchas are generated with PHP could someone post here a simple captcha generated PHP script?
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I need simple PHP email sender script.
I am looking for a PHP script to send emails? I need to send a test email to check if my hosting account is blocking outgoing emails or not? I need a simple ...
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Need simple CSS menu bar?
Can anybody help me to create a simply CSS menu bar I will use it to create buttons that will open or direct users to my other web pages?
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Best Web Hosting Sites ?
I am looking for a best hosting to host my website it's a simple HTML site doesn't use any SQL database. So I need to know what is the best and the cheapest ...
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Simple pagerank script
I need a PHP based script that checks PageRank where can I download on for free?
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Simple Health Tips
1. Sip Oolong Tea Research suggests that people with mild eczema who drink oolong tea three times a day may show improvement in itching and other symptoms. ...
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Try this simple trick if you're having issues with Flash on Linux
Most of the time you will not run into issues when you're using Flash on Linux but depending on your hardware you may notice that it constantly or pretty con...
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The Simple Past – The Present Perfect – The Past Perfect
Is it OK not to use or not to say the past perfect and the present perfect only the simple past? When I hear Americans talk they almost never say past perfec...
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How to create a website
I know almost nothing about websites even less about HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, and so on! I have decided to create a website to try to make some money. I w...
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