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Adsense and mobile theme?
I have juts lunched mobile version of my web-site and I wanna know if Adsense has some kind of ads for mobile templates and themes?
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WordPress free templates
Can I download and use free WordPress or website templates to make money online? I mean can I install it on my online business eCommerce site?
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How to install WordPress theme or a template?
There a many web-sites online where you can download free WordPress themes and template but how it install a theme or a template?
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Page Template Design
Design the content structure, layout and interaction patterns for each page type with the site architecture. Test designs by sharing with users and asking f...
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MYBB awards plugin postbit and profile templates
Hi ladies it's been a long time since I posted something about MYBB. So this time I decided to share with you this plugin I created long time ago to give u...
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how to change quote template in mybb ?
Hello How can I change quote template in mybb ? for example change this code : [code]<blockquote></blockquote>[/code] to a div code :heart:
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how to show number of new posts and new threads per day in Index_boardstat Template ?
Hello I want to show number of new posts and new threads per day in Index_boardstat Template could you help me ? :heart:
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MYBB - How to add location to postbit template?
Hi does anybody know how can I show user location in posbit template under user information like: [b]Posts: Joined: Reputation:[/b] Many big forums h...
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Free website templates?
I am not very good at website design neither at website development that's why I am using free website template. I got one website template that is wonderful...
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Help with template conditionals code
Hey guys, What PHP code do I use if I want to make an infobar in this forum?: http://computerhelpforum.be/forum-handleidingen-tips-tricks Only visible...
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MyBB themes - free templates, styles, layouts and skins for MyBB
I have downloaded and installed mybb forum script but I don't really like it's default theme I would like to install another theme I really like theme that t...
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HTML email template
Hi how to send HTML emails? I have pasted my HTML code into an email but it show like text. Where can I download free HTML templates?
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CSS min-width and max-width
I have noticed that when I change screen resolution it makes my template too wide and it doesn't look good. I have seen many websites that maintain their wid...
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How to add Adsense to website
I have a HTML website template and I would like to add AdSense but I have to confess I am very into HTML coding, can you tell me where should I paste AdSense...
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