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Anyone who is using Sydney WP theme?
Hello friend, I am trying to develop a website using wordpress. I am willing to use the Sydney theme. But I don't have much experience on theme customization...
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hight ranking SEO backling
A single of the most outstanding amazing collection of WordPress theme for SEO company shows up by Radius theme. In modern age, there are many competition & ...
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Found some good SEO themes
Everybody knows that in this present globalized world, effective and good marketing strategy is the key to success for any business or organization. Whether...
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I sell wordpress themes,plugins and cheap setup
Do you need a specific wordpress template?Or a plugin? I sell wordpress themes and plugins ,also I offer cheap setup. Get in touch with me if you are intere...
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google ranks responsive sites higher?
Is this true that Google is giving more ranking to websites that have responsive themes?
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Responsive design or Desktop and mobile versions separate?
What do you recommend create a responsive theme of my website or use separately mobile friendly and desktop themes?
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Adsense and mobile theme?
I have juts lunched mobile version of my web-site and I wanna know if Adsense has some kind of ads for mobile templates and themes?
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Essential Strategies for Promoting our Business.
Hello All, I just build a product which is based on web mail system is actually a Roundcube Skins or Themes for Email Sharing purposes. I personally need som...
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How to export a MyBB Theme?
I wanna upgrade mybb 1.6 to 1.8 version and it seems like there are some template changes so I wanna download my current theme and edit it outside the script...
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blog commenting problem in other theme?
i have one tech related blog can put my link in other theme like movie based site?
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How to install WordPress theme or a template?
There a many web-sites online where you can download free WordPress themes and template but how it install a theme or a template?
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How to create a web page and then link them together?
Sorry guys I know very little about website design and development. I would like to know how to create a web-page and then link all pages so that Google will...
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Buying high PR and ranking expired domains and redirect them to main site SEO?
What do you think about my plan of improving my website SEO, rankings, traffic and PR? There are many domain manes that have just expired which have higher P...
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Show Google+ posts in search results get them indexed?
How to show Google plus posts in the Google SEPR search results page some like Facebook?
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How to install WordPress
i need steps for design a website having WordPress theme.
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popular website layouts 2014-2015?
Website theme or a template is important I get that. Many websites use 2 column design, you get primary content on the left side and then on the right side y...
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how to show number of onlines ?
Hello how can I show number of online in mybb ? just number of theme , e.g , 24 :heart:
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Are all comments with links in them spam?
Google takes spam very seriously and we all know that comments and replies with the link in them are the best example of that. However does Google think the ...
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MyBB themes - free templates, styles, layouts and skins for MyBB
I have downloaded and installed mybb forum script but I don't really like it's default theme I would like to install another theme I really like theme that t...
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