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My YouTube video has no thumbnail?
What is wrong I have uploaded a video and it's processed alive but has this gray thumbnail and when I go to edit the video all thumbnails are the same gray c...
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How to use custom thumbnails on YouTube 2014?
Guys how to add my own custom video thumbnail on YouTube? I can't find the option to upload it? Could you explain how it works?
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How to display thumbnail in Google search results (SERP) ?
I have been noticing that some sites in Google SERP (search engine results page) show a thumbnail, I have checked those sites and they are not social media s...
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How to download Youtube thumbnail?
I have have stumbled upon a very funny YouTube thumbnail and I am wondering if I can download bigger thumbnail size?
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Youtube thumbnail size
I have been using a combination of 1280px x 720px and 640px x 360px thumbnails, and they seem to work well for me, however I am kind of curious about which t...
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