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What factor is most responsible for users getting banned from Adsnese?
What thing should be avoided at all cost when making money with Adsense? I mean they don't usually ban people from Adsense for minor mistake! But there is go...
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Why go for Responsive Design?
Responsive is new age of web designing Amazing User Experience Saves money and time Reach site to mobile users Enhanced performance Improved SEO and Mar...
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Bookmarking sites
Bookmarking sites have millions of users. Add this to your SEO strategy.
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Google most popular service?
Which is Google's top service that gets most of the traffic and which is used by most of the search engine users?
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force users to use Sceditor in MyBB ?
Hello How can I force users to use Sceditor in MyBB ? for example with a query code :heart:
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How to show register time of users?
Hi How can we set in postbit to showing registration time for users . I inserted {$post['userregtime']} variable but no work for me . Thanks
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Should discussion forums allow users to edit their posts?
Many forums don't allow users to edit neither threads nor replies. If this is my post I should have at least permission to edit and even delete it if I decid...
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Analytics traffic report real users vs bots?
I am wondering if Google counts bots too when compiling traffic report or only real users?
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force showing users signatures in post
Hello I need a query to force showing users signatures in mybb without checking its option while posting a new thread/reply :heart:
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An Idea for "Show the users that has been online today" plugin
Hi my friends specially Markus I have "Show the users that has been online today" Plugin and i want to add something in this plugin .I saw this feature in y...
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How to get more Users and posts for new discussion forum?
I have started a new internet forum or discussion forum but nobody is showing at my website I get no traffic no users and no post so I need to know how to ch...
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counting users - the result of the base.
Hi, I have a question. Now downloading information if users at the moment and I would not count them. How can this result "count"? hidden content - private ...
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How to hide .CSS file from users ?
Guys I spend a lot of time coding, researching internet, forums and for what just to post my code out there so that anyone can copy it? Is there a way to enc...
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Email, SMS stealing virus targeting Android users
It has been observed that a critical vulnerability exists in Android which could allow attackers to inject malicious code into legitimate applications which ...
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Contact form
Hi how come your website doesn't have a contact form, I think you should add one to make your users and guests happy!
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