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Pagerank Checker

Free tool to check Google Page Rank PR.

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This PR checker tool allows you instantly check web-site PR and also Alexa traffic rank. Why Page-Rank is important you might asking yourself. Well Google relies on PR to determine the website ranking position in the SERP (search results page). In other words for the site to rank on Google first page it has to have high PR. To get that high Pagerank you need to generate a huge amount of backlinks the more backlinks pointing to the site the higher its PR will be.

Google PageRank ranges from 0 to 10.
Alexa traffic rank starts at 1 and 1 being the most visited site in the world. The higher the number the less traffic the site receives.
In order to use this SEO tool simply input the URL of your website followed by Captcha and press submit. The results will be shown below.
This is not some kind of fake pagerank checker that you see across the internet. This tool checks Google page-rank the same way as Firefox and Chrome toolbar.
You can not use it to check bulk or multilpe URLs at once you can only check one domain name at the time.
Many page rank checker require no captcha but to prevent spam-bots from abusing this tool user is required to enter one.

Input URL: (The URL has to begin with http:// or https://)

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